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    Carpet Care - Candle Wax...No Problem

    By Big Bobs Contributor on February, 6 2020


    There aren't very many people that don't enjoy candles and carpet underfoot. The ambiance they both add to your home is both relaxing and soothing. But, as with many home accessories, accidents do happen.


    variety-of-pretty-candles-sitting-directly-on-carpeted-floor-AS_216240995When an accident such as melted wax spilled on carpet occurs, there is no need to panic! Removing wax from your Carpet is simple and can be done in 4 easy steps.


    Below, you will learn this process and keep it in your bag of tricks for years to come.


    For this project you are going to need some easy to find items you probably already have in your home:

    • A bag of ice or something similar
    • An iron
    • A towel
    • Carpet cleaner
    • A butter knife
    • A Vacuum



    Cool the wax. Put down a plastic bag with an ice pack or ice cubes in it, or even just what you happen to have in the freezer. We used a coworker’s lunch.

    Whatever you use, just be sure it’s bagged in some way so it won’t transfer moisture to the stain.

    The goal is to solidify the wax, this will make it easier to lift off the carpet fibers later.



    Once the wax has solidified, take your butter knife and begin firmly—but gently—removing the wax from the fibers. You don’t want to further damage your carpet by destroying the fibers during this process.

    In some cases this will be all you need to do, Not so lucky? Continue reading below!



    Prepare your iron. We are actually using a steam iron for our stain, but a standard iron should work just as well. Set the temperature low to keep damage to the carpet fibers to a minimum.

    Lay a towel you don’t care for over the stain, because you’re probably going to have to throw it out after this. We are just using a cheap $1 towel, in pink to better show the stain being removed.

    We have seen some use paper towels or even paper bags, but we personally suggest a towel, especially if you’re using steam. Paper products may break apart in the process where a towel will hold up better.

    Now, run the iron over the towel. You can pause occasionally, but don’t leave the iron in one spot too long. The heat from the iron could damage the fibers. As you do this, you should see the wax being pulled into the towel.

    You will likely have to move the towel to a clean spot and repeat this a few more times.



    CLEAN FINALLY! Almost, if not all, the wax should be pulled up into the towel now. We would suggest just tossing it.

    You will then want to do a quick carpet clean. This will relieve the carpet fibers of any extra bits of wax or coloring in them.

    Then finish off with a vacuum to restore the texture of your carpet.


    And it’s good as new! Wax is, surprisingly, not that difficult to clean!

    We hope this video helped you get that stubborn wax stain out of your carpet. Do you have other types of stains you’re struggling to remove? Leave a comment below and we will take that challenge!


    Wax free carpet in minutes:

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