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    Carpet Care - Candle Wax...No Problem
    By Big Bobs Contributor on February 6, 2020

      There aren't very many people that don't enjoy candles and carpet underfoot. The ambiance they both add to your home is both relaxing and soothing. But, as with many home...

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    Best Carpet for Bedroom Floors
    By Big Bobs Contributor on January 16, 2020

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    Maintaining the Beauty of Natural Stone Floors
    By Big Bobs Contributor on January 7, 2020

    Natural Stone is one of the most exquisite flooring options available, yet it can be one of the most vulnerable . Just as anything worth investing in and depending on your stone of...

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    Tile Flooring - A Rewarding Experience
    By Big Bobs Contributor on December 31, 2019

      The process of purchasing and remodeling the flooring in your home or even a single room is a very exciting and rewarding experience,  This process can also be a significant...

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    A 2020 Guide to Natural Stone Flooring
    By Big Bobs Contributor on December 26, 2019

    We see them all the time in the yards we wish we had and the kitchens of our dreams - the beauty of natural stone can be used in so many places around your home. Its resilience, variety,...

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    Are You Ready to Replace Your Flooring?
    By Big Bobs Contributor on December 10, 2019

    So, you’ve decided that you need to replace your floor - great! It’s about time, right? Now it’s time to move on to the planning phase. Here we are with the million-dollar question: How...

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